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20 Feb 2016

20 Feb 2016
We spent most of the day hanging out around Times Square. Karina went shopping, and I went to the M&M store to get little M&M Star Wars shirts for my little squishies. The cold that's been going around my office finally struck me and I was stuffy and EXHAUSTED, so I napped a lot.

Our afternoon show was Disaster! which had hit songs from the 70s -- I didn't actually know many (most?) of them, but the show was so incredibly fun! My stomach hurt from laughing so hard! Plus, I got to see Rachel York, who I've long-adored, as well as it was my first time seeing Adam Pascal live! We absolutely stage doored that one, even though I felt awful and needed a nap after.

Our evening show was She Loves Me, which had Zachary Levi, Laura Benanti, and Jane Krakowski -- basically an awesome cast! I didn't actually think I'd like the show (I've never seen You've Got Mail, which everyone says is similar, and I've never been interested in that kind of story), but I adored it! It was cute, fun, and light-hearted. The stage door was cold, but fun. Zachary Levi brought out speakers, turned on music, and made the entire thing a giant dance party. And, furthermore, after he'd signed all the playbills, he went back through the line to get pictures with anyone who wanted them. He is now WAY up there on my list of best people to stage door. Laura Benanti didn't come out, and that was disappointing, but she's also been struggling with an illness, so I get it. It was still SO magical to hear her perform live! She's amazing!

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