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24 March 2016

24 Mar 2016
I babysat for Bridget and Dane again. I had all three kids this time, and since Grant has never had a babysitter/taken a bottle before, it was a little hectic with two kids who wanted attention and activities and a baby who was very sad and hungry and wanted his mommy. We had their cousin, Sam, over for the first part where we were trying to learn about why things sink or float. Grant was okay-ish during that. He wanted to be held and would occasionally whimper, but after Sam left, Grant lost it. I'd already started the next science activity (corn starch and water!) and made the mistake of leaving Lynlee and Preston alone with that while I went upstairs with Grant to try to calm him down (dark room, swinging chair, music...nothing helped!). By the time I got back down, Lynlee had tracked the mix into every part of the kitchen. Preston, thankfully, just played with the corn starch (no water), and he touched every possible surface, so there were little white prints all over the walls and couches. It was 20 minutes until their bedtime anyway, so I maybe sent them to bed a little early so I'd have a chance to put Grant to sleep for real (he finally took a bottle, but only after I propped him up on Bridget and Dane's bed and I let him hold the bottle himself -- which was so cute!). Good think those kids go to bed so well!

And then I spent the rest of the night cleaning the main level of the house from all traces of corn starch. I hope I got it all! They have called me back to babysit, so clearly it wasn't too much of a disaster! I didn't, however, find time to take a picture of the kids awake, and didn't think to take a picture of the insanely impressive mess before cleaning it up, so here's a picture of the hand print ornaments I made with them last time.

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