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14 May 2016

14 May 2016
Our full day of camp involved a lot of hiking, including along a river bottom where Gen, Nicole and I decided we didn't want to keep the fast pace of the group, so we had a stroll and play Uno group! Well, they played Uno. I took pictures. We had a few other hikes, got fresh pies and ice cream, and Suzie, Gen and I went on an adventure to find a "tasty beverage" (caffeinated soda -- there was NO WHERE to buy soda anywhere near Capitol Reef!), and ended up in the middle of nowhere. Then we found a random store called Mesa Farm Market where we bought fresh bread and goat cheese. We did find a really run down motel that had a fridge full of bottled drinks, so we bought some of those, and then ended up on the long, dirt road toward Cathedral Valley -- which was WAY more beautiful than I ever would have imagined! Our favorite feature was Glass Mountain, which is a big rock composed of selenite (we originally thought quartz, but it was WAY too bendy and would flake off in sheets). It also rained while we were out there, and since it was a flash flood area and all dirt roads, we were a tiny bit worried about being stranded, but we had bread, cheese, and soda, so we would have been fine. We did, eventually, make it back, though. Just in time for dinner at a bar (where obviously we didn't drink), and a party in the motel clubhouse that included, dancing, glow sticks, a gift exchange, crafts, games, and, my favorite, cupcakes for my birthday!

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