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14 July 2016

14 July 2016
This is a home first, a bird got down my fireplace and was just hanging out in my house. I was sitting in the kitchen and kept hearing flapping noises, I went out, and there was a bird on my picture! I freaked out and tried to retreat, but smacked my toe REALLY hard on the side of the wall as I turned. Then I called Mom, she panicked more than I did and said, "Why do you have a bird in your house? YOU NEED TO GET IT OUT!" Really? I did not realize that yet. So I hung up on her and called Jenny, who suggested a broom or a blanket. She also stayed on the phone while I closed all the doors except the front door, closed all the blinds, turned off all the lights (to make sure the only light was the exit), and then put a blanket over my arms (but the front of them, so if the bird came toward me, I could duck and hide under it), and flapped my new wing-arms at the bird. It flapped back at me, so I got closer, and it flew up and landed ON the door, but the inside, so I flapped at it, but it was higher than me, so it just gave me a sort of condescending glare before it decided it was ready to go outside. I sat on the floor, talking to Jenny, and panicking that I had a bird now. It was very cute, but I prefer my wildlife to stay outside.

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