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17 Jan 2016

17 Jan 2016
We went to church in the morning, then back to the condo for lunch and games, and I went off with the Allens back to their house where we kayaked/paddle boarded up the river to the Fern Grotto. It was pretty, but not pretty enough I would have paid money to see it. But I am glad I kayaked up to it! We continued to kayak up river before heading back. Jessica and I were on a kayak together. She was sitting backwards (I have no idea how she could paddle that way!) so we could talk as we rowed. We were pretty slow, though, so everyone else left us. Finally Conner came back to help us paddle. We put his paddle board on the back of the kayak (it was hanging off and trailing behind us), but it was way too hard to paddle with three of us in the two-person kayak, so I went out and sat on the paddle board. I ended up paddling (I was the engine!) and Conner steered. It actually worked really well and I got a great workout. Also Conner pushed me off the paddle board into the water, so I officially can say I swam out there.

We got back to the house, ate dinner, I took a shower, and then Dad got me and we went to the airport to fly home, sad to be leaving.

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